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johanne maheux artiste peintre figurative

Johanne Maheux

Contemporary painter


"The world is my laboratory"

Crowds, cafes, shopping malls, airports, the street, as well as the great outdoors, as long as there is a trace of humanity, are all places that fascinate and inspire me.

Driven by the desire to make sense of my artistic practice and do something useful, I like the idea of ​​leaving a trace of this present in which I live.

Johanne Maheux's figurative works are inspired by current social realities; the world, people, urban life, anonymity, loneliness, man's relationship with time, communications and his environment. In short, she depicts all that is and affects us as a human being and as a society. Her goal is simply to paint her perception. It is then up to the viewer to draw his/her own interpretation.

Influenced by Edward Hopper, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Louis Muhlstock ... and the artistic movement of social realism, to portray everyday life that is both ordinary and unique, this is what drives the artist. Her paintings, which the color blue dominates are often perceived as melancholic and thought-provoking.

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Works by Johanne Maheux

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." - Edward Hopper

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